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What is The Krakow Post?
The Krakow Post is Krakow’s online (and soon print!) magazine for local news, culture, events, history, opinion, expat resources, and more in English. Browse our menu at the top of the page to get a full picture of what we have to offer.

Who contributes to The Krakow Post?
Foreigners and Poles, living here and abroad, of many different ages and backgrounds. In short, anyone with something interesting to add to the community.

Do you accept freelance submissions?
Absolutely! We’re always looking for new contributors. Please contact us here if you’re interested.

Who’s running this outfit?
The current Editor-in-Chief is Steven Hoffman. You can contact him here (or below).

Where can I get a copy of the Krakow Post?
The Krakow Post will resume printing soon, available for free around the city. Watch this space! For now, all of our articles can be found for free online.


Who is the publisher?
Our parent company is Lifeboat Limited (UK), the same folks behind the nonpareil Local Life city guide series and EatAway, an innovative social platform which connects hungry travelers and local home cooks.

How can I advertise with The Krakow Post?
For advertising information, please click here.

Can I support The Krakow Post with a donation or grant?
Yes! Local journalism is a tough business and The Krakow Post is a labor of love for its contributors. If you appreciate the work of the Krakow Post and want to see it grow, we would be grateful for your support, however small. Click here for details.

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Do staff screen comments?
All comments and forum posts must conform to our Terms of Service. Any comments that do not may be modified or removed at any time. To report a comment or forum post, please contact us here.

I noticed a problem / I need help.
Please contact us here for support.

What are your Terms of Service?
Click here for our Terms of Service.

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