Kino Pod Baranami’s 9th annual Letnie Tanie Kinobranie summer film festival

Until the 3rd of September, moviegoers in Krakow can see over 160 films on the Main Square at Kino Pod Baranami for only 7 PLN as part of their 9th annual Letnie Tanie Kinobranie summer film festival.

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The selection is quite varied, ranging from Polish to Chinese; from blockbuster to indie cult hit; from critically acclaimed to controversial.

Each week highlights a different theme composed of opposites, such as “Youth and Maturity” (10-16 July) featuring films like Boyhood and Moonrise Kingdom or “Peace and Madness” (7-13 August) with last year’s Academy Award-winning Birdman and Polskie Gówno (Polish Shit, with English subtitles).

The terrace below the cinema serves as a relaxation center complete with themed board games. Also, for the first time this year, there will be weekend screenings for children.

The full repertoire of films to be screened can be found on Kino Pod Baranami’s website here, with indications if the film is in English or has English subtitles.

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