E-studies for local foreigners

The idea of studies via the Internet is nothing new. Plenty of Warsaw schools have e-learning in their offerings. However, they are now discovering a new target – young Poles working abroad.

More and more new schools are offering master’s titles to students whose only visits to a school building come at exam time. And soon it will become possible to take exams anywhere in the world.
The Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology offers e-studies that don’t differ much from the traditional ones – they just take place on the Internet. Professors meet their students in person twice a year, during the exam sessions.
The learners are in contact with the lecturers thanks to e-chats on the Internet.

One of the merits of e-studies is that they are much cheaper than the traditional ones in classrooms. They also are convenient for disabled people, as well as for those who live permanently abroad. According to education specialists, e-exams for Poles who live and work, for example, in London will soon become a common practice.
What do the students think about e-studies?

“This is a very good idea,” says Marta from Warsaw University. But they will miss some of the highlights of campus life. “What about the student dorms and the parties every weekend?” she asks.

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