Photos of Maurycy Gomulicki

Warsaw as seen from the side of the street can be observed in the pages of Maurycy Gomulicki’s new photo album “W-WA.”
Gomulicki, born in 1969 in Warsaw, is a graphic artist and photographer as well as the author of artistic installations and short film forms.

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and continued his education in Barcelona and Milan.
Gomulicki has presented his works at numerous exhibitions in Warsaw and Lodz, Poland; Grenoble, Switzerland; Budapest, Hungary; Osaka, Japan and Bratislava, Slovakia.

In Mexico, he designed a network of pink sex shops in the frames of the project “MEXXXICO Erotica Shops.” The controversial artist is a grandson of Juliusz Wiktor Gomulicki, the Polish essayist and editor.

In the album “W-WA” Gomulicki presents photos taken between 2000 and 2005. He captures the details of the Warsaw landscape: old neons, the configuration of gray flagstones, the color of an old mosaic or characteristic forms of the modernistic architecture from the times of the Polish People’s Republic.

Gomulicki focuses on the gray of the concrete neighborhood with the green of urban lots and the metal of playground ladders.
By photographing geometrical and minimalistic shapes, Gomulicki skillfully depicts the lyrical climate of the city, which – after being 85 percent destroyed during World War II – was rebuilt in an eclectic and rather poor architectural style.

The artist says that, for him, the most important features in Warsaw are the “in-betweens” and “the power of details that count more in the formally reduced/limited reality.”

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