New Year competition among cities

The biggest Polish cities are competing for the title of the best New Year’s party organizer. Television stations are participating in the parties in Krakow and Wroclaw. Thanks to TV support, the budgets for these parties are as high as 3 mln and 5 mln zloty.

Last year’s New Year’s parties attracted 100,000 participants in Wroclaw and more than 140,000 in Krakow. Warsaw’s party costs 5 mln zloty, while Lodzspends only 250,000 zloty.

The Warsaw party will be televised on TVN. In front of the Palace of Culture and Science we will have the opportunity to see, among others: Tatiana Okupnik, Kasia Kowalska, Lady Pank, T. Love, Bracia, Feel, Jet Set and Zygmunt Kukla Orchestra.

Warsaw’s New Year’s party will be transmitted from 20:00 to 01:00 from what promises to be a gorgeous stage design. There wasn’t any party in Warsaw the two previous years because the City Council feared the risk of a terrorist attack and because of a lack of regulations governing mass audience events.

Last year’s New Year’s party in Krakow had the biggest TV audience of all. “It was watched by one out of three Poles,” said Agata Mlynarska of Polsat TV. This year is supposed to be even better. Last year’s TV program lasted for five hours, and this year’s will be longer. “We hope to promote Krakow as a modern and beautiful city,” said Mlynarska. According to organizers and the Polsat channel, the success of the party is guarantied by both the participants and the TV program.

Krakow has invited, among others: Shakina Stevensa, Lou Bega, Boney M., Bajm, Budka Suflera, Czerwone Gitary, Golecu Orkiestra, grupa Kashmir, Vox, Urszula and Szymon Wydra. After midnight the audience will hear a classical singing concert by Andrzej Lampert and Alicja Wegorzewska-Whiskerd.

Wroclaw vows not to be outdone.
“We decided to show the party on five huge TV screens,” said Malgorzata Wojciechowska, a Wroclaw City Council official. “We are preparing a professional fireworks show as well,” she added.
Partygoers and party watchers should remember two important conditions for a successful celebration: delightful company and morning headache pills.

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