Cricoteka: Krakow’s New Arts Centre

Cricoteka, the institution dedicated to the art and theatre of Krakow native Tadeusz Kantor, opens the doors of its brand new building on September 12 – a stunningly modern piece of architecture on the riverbank.

Officially known as the headquarters of the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor in Krakow, the building works as a museum, archive, gallery and research centre related to the artist and will host a permanent exhibition of Kantor’s work and a temporary exhibition titled: Nothing twice.

Building has taken eight years, with the new centre constructed inside and around the former Podgórze Power Station. The striking design emphasises the post-industrial landscape of the district. The new building contains two exhibition spaces, both in the new structure suspended above the shell of the 19th-century power station.

The temporary Nothing twice exhibition combines performance art with objects to create a collage-like installation and is the result of the work of numerous artists that interpret the influence of Tadeusz Kantor’s concepts.

cricoteka2The permanent Tadeusz Kantor exhibition

The permanent Tadeusz Kantor exhibition will feature multimedia materials that complement the original collection created by the artist himself.

The opening ceremony starts at 6pm and will include: a concert by Jaap Blonk, a film by Michael Portnoy, and an opera performance by Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett, plus a theatre piece by Catherine Sullivan produced in collaboration with Warsaw’s Opera Buffa.

Cricoteka’s new headquarter is on 2-4 ul. Nadwiślańska  in the Podgorze district. Tickets and more information are available on Cricoteka’s website.

cricoteca3The permanent Tadeusz Kantor exhibition

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