Classic Cars Never Die

Fans of vintage motoring shouldn’t miss Krakow’s third Classic Moto Show, starting today at the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Kazimierz (ul. św. Wawrzyńca 15).

Around 120 vehicles from throughout the history of motoring will be on show at the exhibition, which runs from September 5–9. They include many examples of Polish and Central European vehicles that are hard to find anywhere else – lovingly restored models of car and motorcycle, many from private collections.

The idea of the exhibition is to present the history of the automobile to the general public through the best examples from private collections, promoting and supporting the collecting and restoration of antique vehicles in the region.

The exhibition, organised by the Foundation for the Automobile Museum, has seven thematic sections: Polish Legends, Cars of the Democratic People’s Republics, American Dreams, Legendary Masters, Unassuming and Unfailing, the First Automobiles and Historic Motorcycles.

moto2Last years Classic Moto Show

In further good news for friends of historic vehicles, the third Historical Polish Rally is also taking place in Krakow this weekend, bringing even more beautiful old gas guzzlers to town.

Program and ticket prices can be found on the website of the exhibition.

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