Hey hits Krakow

Top Polish rock outfit Hey are in Krakow this Saturday Dec. 15 at Klub Studio as part of their fifteenth anniversary national tour.
Hey skyrocketed to fame in the early 90s signing with Izabelin Studio label after being noticed by Katarzyna Kanclerz at the Jarocin Festival – only one month after the group formed in 1992.
Their 1993 debut album Fire has been called one of the most important Polish albums of the 90s.

The combination of vocalist and lyricist Katarzyna Nosowska with guitarist Piotr Banach, resulted in songs popular across Poland including Moja i Twoja Nadzieja, Teksanski, or ZazdroSc.

When Fire sold more than a hundred thousand copies in the first five months, probably no one, including the band, dreamt that their second release, the 1994 album Ho!, would achieve even greater success, selling just under a mln copies in 6 months.
These were the band’s golden years, and though they never came back, during the next decade Hey have consolidated their position with excellent albums, such as Karma, Hey and Echosystem in 2005. Singles from these releases have hit number one in national charts, and the band continues to attract a large fan base to their performances.

As part of the band’s anniversary year, they have released a copy of their live unplugged MTV recording at Roma Theater in Warsaw this September, with remixes of their most popular songs and covers of P.J. Harvey and Iggy Pop. The album Unplugged went gold on the first day.

The national anniversary tour 92-07, is stopping in 12 cities across Poland with over two hours of on stage time and all their favorite songs featured in the sets.

Hey will be supported by the indie group Muchy, who have been called the “Discovery of the year” by Machina magazine.
Gig info: Klub Studio, ul. Budryka 4 – in the AGH Student Campus from 19:00, tickets 32-37 zloty from www.ticketpro.pl or at the club’s ticket office.

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