Krakow’s Annual NGO Fair

More than 50 local Non-Governmental Organizations and associations participated in the Annual NGO Fair held on the Rynek Głowny today. From June 25–27, participating NGOs will also hold open days in their own offices.

Hundreds of people crowded the stands offering information, promotional gifts and the workshops and other activities offered by 53 organizations working in such diverse fields as culture, arts, sports, education and health.

One of the organisers, Agnieszka Lakner from the Foundation of Economy and Public Administration, explained the aim of the event: “We want to improve the relationship between the city and NGOs. I think it is also very important for people living in Krakow because they can get to know how we work, what we do and how they can get involved.”

ngo foto1Children participated in workshops during the event


Ola Koźmińska, a volunteer for the SLOT association, which organizes festivals where everybody can share passions and experiences, praised the way the initiative brings NGOs together: “We get to know each other, we can meet other organizations and exchange contacts to create new projects together.”

Another participant, Anna Topa from the Korczak Children’s Republic ‘Dyliniarnia’ believes that the fair: “Is good, because we can inform people about what we do and how they can help children and their families.” Her organization has worked to help disadvantaged families in Krakow for more than 30 years.

More information about the ongoing celebration of Krakow NGOs is available on:

strim1STRIM promotes intercultural exchanges and EVS program

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