OMGKRK Summer Jam, Party of the Year

It promises to be the biggest and best party of the year, bringing Krakow’s famously energetic and inventive tech and start-up community together with the city’s equally unorthodox artistic circles.

The #OMGKRK Summer Jam will take place on Wednesday, June 18, from 21:00 at Forum Przestrzenie. It’s the second such gathering organised by the loose association of techies, hackers, designers and freelance paradigm smashers operating under the gloriously nerdy OMGKRK hashtag.

The first OMGKRK party, a Christmas bash also held at Forum Przestrzenie, was a huge success, attracting around 700 guests with the bare minimum of pre-planning and formal marketing. It was an event that emerged almost spontaneously from the vivacity of the communities involved, and the second incarnation promises to be even bigger and better.


This is not to say that a lot of work didn’t go on behind the scenes. Local start-up incubators Hub:raum, Innovation Nest and Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow threw their weight behind the event, and tireless advocate for the city’s high tech sector, Richard Lucas, provided much of the essential marshalling of talents to get the party off the ground.

All these groups and individuals, plus a crop of new ones, are involved again in the Summer Jam. As with the Christmas event, local companies such as PressPad, Growth Republic and Estimote, and groups such as WebMuses, hive53 and Open Coffee Krakow, are volunteering time, money and expertise to ensure the evening goes with a bang.

Speaking to Krakow Startup TV at the OMGKRK Christmas shindig, Richard Lucas said: “There are lots of communities in Krakow full of interesting and intelligent and attractive people who are not involved in the start-up community…We believe that everyone, whether you’re an artist, a musician, a painter or a teacher, needs enterprise and technology. Everyone uses the internet, everyone has apps on their smartphones. We want to get the doctors here, the teachers, the sportspeople, the geographers, the philologists… they all need technology.”

We’ll see you there…



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