A Fresh Approach to Teaching Business English in Krakow

A major conference for language teachers specialising in business English will take place in Krakow on March 28.

Business English D.R.I.V.E. is a full-day event focussed on inspiring new approaches to teaching business English.

The great majority of foreigners living in Krakow are involved in one of two industries – the rapidly expanding field of business process outsourcing (BPO) and shared service centres (SSC), or teaching English.

These industries rely on each other, with many Poles hoping to find jobs in the BPO/SSC sector taking private language lessons to improve their employability, and those already employed in the sector needing ongoing language development.

Organised by language training centre, Accent for Professionals, the BEDRIVE conference will take place at the Hotel Radisson Blu and feature lectures from highly experienced language teachers: Robert Adams, Hugh Dellar, Wojciech Szupelak, Joanna Cooper and Magdalena Kissell.

Agata Cielarska-Fijałkowska  at Accent for Professionals said: “Most language courses offer  stale course book taught business English courses, that are not very relevant to the needs of those who end up working for the SSC/BPO sector.”

“The aim of our conference is to educate, develop and inspire language teachers in the area of real business English teaching, to answer the needs of business in Krakow today.”

Find out more at: www.bedrive.pl

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