‘Escape’ by Sid Andrews

Just before you go, consider that there might be no way back. You are about to loose your ties, and you won’t be able to turn back time.

So, before you go, try those things you’d miss once again, taste them and imagine you are leaving it all for good in the world you are about to forget.

Yes, it’s not a rebel’s diary; you are not changing things; you are doing an escape in clear mind. That’s why, go watch a movie to see how sweet it is to be a star, a person people love talking about; you are not getting any of those passionate looks yet and, since you are escaping, you are not going to get anything like that at all. Go, feel the downtown heartbeat which no longer is your song but fading memories.

You won’t be waiting the next weekend to become as a rose in a desert because you are about to live a permanent timeline. Now you let the time stream through your palms watching days in no connection to your Longines arm watch, which is no use either.

Call your friend during the office hours to hear him barking and read for yourself the truth of his busy mind. Leave him fighting and disarm your weapons. Need to make the last shot? Okay, call him back and get him down saying you are leaving for good, enjoy his silent breathing and then hear tons of blurry sentences back: enough?

I’m not telling you to cut it all off, just switch your cell from contract to prepaid and keep your number private. You want to contact the world, you do it; the world has nothing to tell you right now.

Ah, well, I’m not sending you someplace that is out of reach; more, you are staying in your London or New York of wherever you want to stay. I want you to learn you are set and have everything you need.

I suggest you spend some years studying literature, computers, or some kind of craft before you go, so once you are off you can earn enough for your needs. Not going to tell you what’s enough; I believe it’s all personal. What’s important is you are no longer in the game.

Also, there is no pure escape as you might imagine it for yourself. You can try, get a piece of unforgettable harmony, keep it for a minute for yourself, stay tuned to the world’s biggest mystery called happiness. Ride on, you just bought a ticket on a fast train to see it all through the window. And while on the go I promise you will run good, but be strong when the train stops at the station. A whirlpool of forgotten emotions is what you will feel once the ride is over. It’s like you see a face, the eyes searching for you in passion and you can’t refuse an invitation.

The next thing you have to understand is that your life is taken by the road to keep you moving. I believe it’s going to run as far as you can let yourself imagine the destination.

Unfortunately there is no destination and the run is what you get as a gift.

The moment you become liquid on the go will bring you into the new world making reality escape come true.


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