British Improv In Krakow

Somewhere in Krakow today, five young British comics are attempting to learn the Polish for: “Grandad, why don’t we have a TV?”

Renowned British improv group, Racing Minds, are warming up for a one-off performance at this weekend’s ImproFest 2013.

Taking the stage on Sunday, the last day of this three-day carnival of off-the-cuff comedy, Racing Minds will attempt, without a safety net, to bring their very British brand of tall tales made up on the spot to a Polish audience.

Young, beautiful and multilingual (with the unfortunate exception of Polish), Racing Minds are  the last thing you might expect to find on a stage in Krakow this weekend, and the first thing young ladies susceptible to goofy British charm should be kept away from.

Catch their show “Aaaand now for something completely improvised” at the Rotunda Theatre, Sunday November 17 from 5pm.

Third International ImproFest.

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