Legendary SBB to Play Klub Studio

The legendary Polish progressive rock band, SBB, will play at Klub Studio on Friday, Nov. 9. This performance is part of the 2007 “The Rock” tour, named after their newly released full-length LP.

SBB was once labeled as “the best Polish rock band in the last 45 years,” and indeed, no other Polish group has reached a comparable position both in the country or abroad.
Their roots date back to 1971, when vocalist, bassist and keyboard player Jozef Skrzek formed the Silesian Blues Band with guitarist Antimos “Lakis” Apostolis and drummer Jerzy Piotrowski. At first they played alongside another future Polish music icon Czeslaw Niemen, but then continued to pursue their own path.

When they released their first record in 1974, they had changed the meaning of the abbreviation SBB into “Szukaj, Burz, Buduj” (“Search, Destroy, Build”), which has become a sort of personal artistic creed.

During the beginning of their musical journey, they played wild blues-rock music, much like that of the style of Cream, with many fierce and improvised parts. Then, fascinated by the likes of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, the band began exploring more complex and sensitive areas of music. This led them to creating their own recipe for progressive rock, including melancholy, rage, calamity and fury, all forged into long, intricate pieces.
SBB has entered the new millennium with a fresh line up ? Paul Wertico, a former member of the Pat Metheny Group replaced Piotrowski, who had to drop out of the band due to health issues.

With that being so, their “intercontinental” line-up headlined the prestigious Baja Prog festival in Mexico, and opened for two Polish Deep Purple concerts in 2006.
However, the New Year brought a new change; Hungarian Gabor Nehmet replaced Wertico. His arrival encouraged the band to try tighter, “rockier” sounds, which in turn generated the content and title of their new record. Despite the new line-up, long-standing fans seem to enjoy the change, for the techniques of the new drummer seem to remind them of Piotrowski and his musical style. The concert begins at 20:00, and the gates open an hour earlier. Klub Studio is on ul. Budryka 4, in the vicinity of AGH’s Student Campus.

Information concerning ticket reservations can be found at: www.klubstudio.pl

The tickets cost 35-45 zloty.

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