Silesia Police Make Boy’s Wish Come True

“Now you are my subordinate” police Commander Zbigniew Stawarz told Pochopien. “I have only one order for you; to recover soon, and listen to your parents and the doctors. I think that in a few years you’ll be a tall policeman.”

Patrick could fulfill his dream thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. He filled his graduation day doing police work, doling out traffic citations on the highway along Katowice to Tychy.

“We found out about Patrick’s dream a few weeks ago” said Andrzej Gaska a police spokesman. “Our service is here to help people. That’s why we decided to use the oaths ceremony and help this boy realize his wish.”

The Make-A-Wish foundation was established in Poland during 2003 and is active in 16 cities throughout the country.

The organization’s main aim is to help sick children with life threatening illnesses to make their dreams come true with over one thousand dreams fulfilled to date.

“Younger children mainly dream of being a princess or knight. The older ones have more materialistic dreams” said Ewa Chruscinska from the foundation. “Recently we made 7-year-old Jacob’s wish come true, when he was visited by world famous paleontologist professor Jack Horner from Montana State University.” Children often want to meet famous people, especially actors and singers. Recent celebrities who have met with children through the foundation are Mandaryna a popular Polish singer and Mariusz Pudzianowski the world’s strongest man.
Not all children live long enough to have their wishes come true, dieing before their wish is granted.

Chris Greicius from the U.S. state of Arizona is the inspiration behind the foundation being established. In 1980 his dream of being a motorcycle police officer was granted when he was taken for a ride on a police motorbike. A month later he died of leukemia, having his wish fulfilled, following which the Make-A-Wish foundation was formed.

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