16th Fusion Festival

The 16th Fusion Festival in Silesia will begin on Nov. 9 lasting until Nov. 27.

It will include various musical, artistic, literary and theatrical events.

The festival will kick off with a performance by Denez Prigent from Brittany. The performer is the first to combine traditional folk music from Brittany with modern electronics. Trip-hop, electronics as well as jazz are fused with traditional Gwerz vocals and hymns.

The Kronos Quartet will perform on Nov. 10 at the Gornoslaski Centrum Kultury (Silesian Cultural Center) in Katowice.
The Quartet will include Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki quartets into their program, which includes “The Songs Are Sung.”

The Silesian Quartet concert will be completely devoted to celebrating the works of the American composer Philip Glass.
In the second week of the concert audiences will be able to appreciate the Il Giardino Armonico group in the church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul in Katowice. The group will penetrate the various levels of European baroque music. The renowned violinist Christophe Coin will perform the solos.

The closing of the festival will see England’s alternative Piano Magic performers. In the Teatr Rozrywki (Entertainment Theatre) the group will satisfy all those seeking ethereal independent vibes at the festival.

Other alternative performers will include France’s Loyola, Troy Von Balthazar, George Dorn Screams as well as the phenomenal French group Jack the Ripper.

The newly discovered Parisian group Caravan Palace is set to entice all with their electric-swing performance. Performers from Moldavia, Romania, Turkey and Serbia also form part of the program.

Graphic art events will be held at the Galeria Rondo with works displayed by artists such as Roland Topor. Topor’s translator will present the works and life of the artist as well as Marie Binet from Paris.

Other events include photo exhibitions from the young photographer Andrzej Tobis who with his “A-Z” exhibition depicts the stereotypes existing between Poles and Germans. Literary and poetic evenings with Chin Zhu Hao and Wang Yin are also part of the program, as well as various other young Polish and English poets.

Info about the festival and booking of tickets can be found at: www.cameralis.art.pl

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