Ecological Town to be Built near Siewierz

The concept of the town was worked out by 12 town planners from various countries. The town will consist of four parts, each of which will have its own market. It is planned to build low-income houses in the market and terraced houses along the streets. Farther from city center the apartment houses will be low-rise. This areas will be small and pedestrian-friendly. The town is planned to be self-sufficient. There will be shops, cafes, various services and a church. The town will also have ecological solutions, including biological sewage treatment. The town’s energy would come from sun-panels and biomass burning. Rainwater would be used to wash out the toilets. According to Wojciech Halicki, a biologist and specialist of ecology, such ecological solutions will be no more expensive than standard treatments. .

Halicki is an author of the idea, but the project was worked out in cooperation with a group of specialists during “Charrette” workshops. This modern apartment district is going to be built according to the American pattern of ecological town-garden with its own market, yacht port, church, hotels and shops. This town of 120 square kilometers will be open, created according to the innovative methods of Charrette. The term “Charrette” arose in France in the 19th Century in the Paris Academy of Fine Arts. Originally it signified a trolley used by assistants to collect drawings during an exam. Today it is used to describe innovative planning methods. First stages of the town’s construction are expected in 2008.

The project is expected to be finished in 20-25 years. It will be realized in four stages. The first houses will be built in 2009-2010. A 40-room motel in turn and a 1120-room hotel and conference center will be built in 2011/2012, before Euro 2012.
“We estimate the value of the whole project at about 900 mln zloty ? 1 bln zloty. In the first stage we will have to invest about 100 mln zloty, but we hope the project will be, at least partly, self financed,” Robert Moritz, the chief of TUP told PAP.
Prices of the new city’s houses and apartments are unknown but the town is expected to be a great attraction for tourists, scientists and planning specialists.

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