Cheating Irishmen

The crimes took place throughout the Silesian province. The men were acting as representatives of a building company. After taking money for renovation, they disappeared. The men were 22 to 27 years old. They were well dressed and used expensive cars. On October 8, they were arrested in the city of Rybnik. Aleksandra Nowara, a police representative in Rybnik said: “The men have cheated their potential contracting customers for more than 25,000 zloty.” According to the daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, the Irishmen offered new ways of building for a small initial payment. When a contract was signed, they asked for the entire amount of money and then disappeared. Nowara says they left behind only dirty clothes and unpaid hotel bills. Gazeta Wyborcza says the suspects face up to eight years in prison if convicted.

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