Malopolska Police liquidate pirate plant producing “Polish heroin”

Law enforcement officers have shut down the biggest ?Polish heroin? factory in the country in a raid on Brzesko, 60 kilometers from Krakow.
The factory was a major source of  heroin for Krakow?s addicts, police said.
The Malopolska Police website said the raid April 23 resulted in three arrests and the seizure of two liters of narcotics plus chemicals and poppy-flower parts used in heroin production.

Police received a tip before the raid about two men who were major suppliers of heroin to Krakow.

Polish heroin, or kompot, is produced from the juice of the poppy head or from stems. It is administered intravenously.
Making the heroin is simple, the first step consisting of extracting the poppy?s opiates with boiling water.

The liquid extract is then processed further. Chemicals are used in that step.
Police following up the tip about the two men quickly identified the suppliers and came up with an educated guess about where the factory was.
The first suspect they detained was a 44-year-old man who had already been convicted of drug offenses. Officers who stopped his car found four bottles of kompot in it.

The other suspects, a 34-year-old woman and  49-year-old man, were arrested at the factory.

The building contained a sophisticated production line for narcotics. In addition to 150 liters of chemicals, and 25 bags of poppy materials, police found foreign currencies valued at 20,000 zloty.

The suspects are in custody while police finish their investigation. Each can be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison on drug charges.

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