Psychedelic legend

Apteka is the brainchild of one man – Jedrzej Kodymowski, also known as Kodym. The band’s musical arsenal ranges from stoner rock to a psychedelic sort of quality, making it quite difficult to compare it to any other Polish band. Much of Apteka’s best recording occurred in the early 90s, making Apteka’s new album, which was released in May, a much-anticipated event.

Apteka (Pharmacy) was formed in 1983 as a side project of then punk rocker, Kodymowski. Shortly thereafter, the formation of the band had become one of the most important names on Gdynia’s coast. Although the band’s lineup has been forever changing, Apteka managed to release some of their best recordings from 1992-1995: “Narkotyki,” “Urojonecalemiasata,” and “Menda.”

The brilliant, cynical, and sarcastic lyrics of these songs were comments on the early years of newly capitalist Poland. The psychedelic nature of the music, along with the suggestive name made Apteka one of the most drug-influenced bands in the country. This unconventional form of music made the mainstream media turn it’s cheek on Apteka.

This summer marked the end of an eleven-year hiatus, in which Kodym formed a short-lived lineup to record their new album entitled, “Apteka.” The group disbanded only after a few weeks after the album debuted. It only took a matter of time for guitarist and front man, Kodym, to find new band mates to continue Apteka’s musical adventure: Janek Witaszek  (bass) and Marcin Slominski (drums).

To date, Apteka has played several shows, including a highly acclaimed concert at the Opener Festival in their hometown of Gdynia. The audience can surely count on Kodym’s spontaneous stage antics to be a smashing source of entertainment on Wednesday, October 3, at club Pod Jaszczurami on Krakow’s marketplace.The Wednesday concert will open the first of Apteka’s 23-concert tour.

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