New look for police as new uniforms tested

Police officers in Warsaw, Szczecin, Bia- lystok, Wroclaw and Lublin received new uniforms last week to determine if the new dark blue jackets, trousers and shirts are more functional and more comfortable, TVN24 reported.

The officers have already tested a summer version of the new uniforms but the winter ones have to undergo testing as well. Police officers say the new uniforms are different, and much better, than the previous ones. The tested uniforms are made from waterproof materials, which perform better, especially in wet-weather conditions. The new uniforms replace the previous blue-grey and black uniforms with dark blue ones.

“The process of implementing new uniforms can last even two years,” said Zbigniew Urbanski of the media department of the Polish National Police. “There are 100,000 uniforms to be made, and not all patterns have been chosen yet. This is just the beginning.”

He said police officials are waiting to hear the officers’ opinions on how the new uniforms work in everyday circumstances. Only then can they know for sure whether the uniforms have elements that criminals can take advantage of. The total cost of the summer uniform is about 2,500 zloty (more than 650 euro). The set for the whole year costs 4,000 zloty (more than 1,000 euro). The uniform style is the same for policemen as well as policewomen.

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