Krakow Phototmonth Do’s and Don’ts

Krakow Photomonth (May 17 to June 17) will bring gaggles of photographers from all over the world to the city’s photogenic streets.

The Krakow Post’s photographer, David McGirr, has some Do’s and Don’ts to help you get the most out of the experience:


Tripods are prohibited in some locations. Rest your camera against something solid, and use the self-timer function, or invest in a small, flexible support that can wrap around any fixture.

Photo tickets

Some tourist sites, notably Mariacki Church and the Wieliczka salt mine, require photographers to buy an additional photo/video ticket (for 10zł). This is usually a sticker that should be worn in a conspicuous place to fend off over-zealous security staff.

No flash

Flash photography is often banned in museums or places of worship. Use a high iso and a slow shutter speed. Take more than one photo in succession – the second or third shot will often be steadier.


Krakow is a very safe city, but the usual common sense precautions should be taken. Never leave your kit unattended and always be aware of your surroundings if venturing out at night in less busy areas.

Photographing the locals

Be polite and respectful. Don’t be the pushy tourist with a camera. Some people, usually the older generation, are less keen on being photographed.


Krakow is a wonderful location to photograph, but a lot of it is not immediately visible. Stray off the beaten track. Wander down alleys into passageways and hidden courtyards – they are almost always public spaces despite appearances.

Get in close

Look up. Capture the detail in the architecture, the old glass street numbers, the ornate portals and the stonework.

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