Lectures, Workshops Reveal Medieval Craft Secrets

This month sees the start of a programme of lectures, workshops and more, aimed at revealing the secrets of the Medieval master craftsmen who worked in Krakow.

The project will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays, and will be a chance for participants to learn some of the skills and techniques, and produce their own works of art.

Grind your own dyes to create authentic traditional colours, learn how to decorate furniture panels, practise the art of decorating books and manuscripts by hand, or learn the techniques used for making tapestry and jewellery. There will also be opportunities to learn woodcut techniques, and methods of working ceramics, metal and glass.

Organised by the National Museum in Krakow at the Bishop Erasmus Palace, classes continue until June 22.

For more information, email project administrator Monika Wlezień at mwlezien@muzeum.krakow.pl.

The workshops cost 250zł, including materials and admission to the museum.

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