Phone-a-bus: Krakow gets better connected

Plans for a new private bus company are underway to commence operations by the end of September. The NV Media company intends to enter the public transport market with a mini “Telebus” service transporting commuters to Krakow from various regions around the city. The chain of buses will operate via a phone-in system whereby commuters will be able to book their transport like a taxi service.According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the Telebuses will operate on the most popular routes.

These will take people from Brzesoko, Bochnia, Wieliczka, Myslenice, Wolbromia, Wadowice, Miechow and Olkusz to Krakow. The buses will not only service outer regions of Krakow but also its suburban sprawl which now includes Tyniec and Swoszowice. These areas are currently serviced by the local MPK (Krakow’s Municipal Public Transport). If the Telebus scheme proves successful, MPK will have some sturdy competition on its hands.

At the moment NV Media does not have any official plans to enter the transport market within the city itself.The idea is to create one private mini bus company under one name where buses can be dispatched to where the commuter is waiting. There will not be one designated bus stop. Commuters will ring in, book and be told by the operator where to wait.

They will also be given the buses reference number and the estimated time of its arrival. This method will mean the bus services will be more flexible and convenient for those commuters who do not live near a direct bus route. This will connect people who have until now been bypassed by bus companies that have allocated routes and bus stops unavailable in smaller villages to pick up commuters. To convince the new potential commuters of its new service, the Telebuses will be equipped with bike racks. Taking your bike on any MPK bus is close to impossible. Telebuses therefore will provide bike transportation services as an option currently unavailable to commuters.

The NV Media company is putting emphasis on comfort, reported Gazeta Wyborcza. Commuters will be assured to have a seat on all the routes and the possibility of peacefully reading the paper. The idea behind the concept is not to pack as many commuters in as is currently the trend in private bus companies. The company plans to upgrade its fleet to 600 by spring next year. Older buses will be exchanged for newer models to assure comfort and safety. An estimated time of three months is allocated to see whether the venture proves successful.

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