Poland most attractive location for investment

Poland received the highest work-force rating among 31 European countries in a recent survey that looked at the cost of labor, quality of labor and 13 other workforce factors. The Federation of European Employers said reasons for Poland’s top rating included low labor costs, plentiful labor supply, good labor relations and a flexible labor climate, such as the ability to hire temporary workers.

In terms of labor supply, it noted, Poland had an especially good pool of young workers and women workers. Poland scored low on workers’ level of Internet skills and on workers’ lifelong learning opportunities. The London-based federation, which advises international employers operating in Europe on pay, employment law and labor relations, said the other countries on its Top 5 list included Britain, Denmark, Switzerland and Slovenia. Although established with EU funding in 1989, the federation is now independent.

The ratings covered 27 EU members plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. They were based on 15 factors. Besides labor costs, labor supply, labor relations and labor-climate flexibility, they included quality of labor, employee relations and inflationary pressure. Every Top 5 country had high scores on quality of labor.

Britain, Denmark and Switzerland have labor shortages, however. And Denmark and Switzerland have high wage costs.”Poland has the most competitive workers in Europe, when taking into account the total costs of work in comparison to the quality of work,” said Dr. Pawel Wojciechowski, president of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. The government agency encourages international corporations to invest in Poland and helps them deal with the necessary administrative and legal procedures.

“We continue to have great reserves of highly qualified staff systematically raising their levels of qualifications,” Wojciechowski said. “It’s this raising of qualifications” plus the government’s efforts to help the unemployed “that are the best ways of fighting against unemployment.”

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