Fifth annual Recycling Festival to be held on May 18-20 at Blonia Greens

On May 18-20, the annual Recycling Festival will be held at Blonia Greens between ul. Focha and ul. Maja 3. The event was launched in 2002.
Recyclable glass bottles will be used to construct a mock-up of the Florianska gate and city ramparts. The gate will be reinforced by a scaffold and be 30 meters in length and 15 meters in height (less than the original).

The construction will remain intact until June 10.
The following models were made at past festivals: Barbican (made from 40,000 empty aluminium cans), Sukiennice (from 60,000 glass bottles) and the ?Santa Maria? sailing ship of Christopher Columbus (from 18,000 empty aluminum cans).
This year?s Recycling Festival on May 18-20 will be organized by the Department of Municipal Economy and Environmental Protection of the Krakow Municipality.
Water paper, aluminum cans, glass and PET bottles and depleted batteries can be exchanged at the event for tree, bush and flower seeds.

For the first time specialists have been invited from Bialystok, Bydgoszcz, Lodz, Rzeszow, Warszawa, Zielona Gora, and Banja Luka, Kosice, Madrid and Olomouc to present their recycling-education programs.

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