Where to swim in Krakow?

The majority of the indoor swimming pools in Krakow are closed for the entire summer. Those seeking relief from the heat may choose one of the open-air pools. These, however, are often too crowded for comfortable swimming. University swimming pools are very popular among Krakow residents. Two of them have been recently opened after a month’s closing: the Akademia Ekonomiczna (Economics Academy) on ul. Rakowicka and Akademia Pedagogiczna (Pedagogical Academy) on ul. Oleandry. Sports club pools are not recommended. The roof cover of the TS Wisla (Vistula Sports Club) is closed, and according to many people the pool is dirty. Furthermore there are no lockers for clothes. One of the most popular places to swim in Krakow is Park Wodny in Dobrego Pasterza. There are many attractions, including water slides for children, but be prepared for long lines. The alternatives for these pools are the open-air ones. The most popular pools are those belonging to Krakowianka Sports Association. Among them, however, only one is worth visiting, in this reporter’s opinion. The pool on ul. Bulwarowa is far from the city center, but it is made of high-quality materials and the water is about 25 Celsius degrees all day. This may be the best swimming pool in Krakow, but getting there by tram from the city center takes about an hour. Avoid the Krakowianka pool on ul. Zywiecka. Not only is it one of the most crowded pools in Krakow but it also is one of the most dirty. The bottom of the pool seems to be covered with old mud, and service at the pool is exceptionally rude. Foreign tourists may encounter racist remarks.

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