The Earth revolves around… soup

On Saturday, May 19, pl. Nowy on Kazimierz, along with the surrounding streets, will turn into the biggest restaurant in the city, as Krakow welcomes the Sixth International Soup Festival. Celebrating what some may think is just a banal dish has turned out to be a splendid idea. Every year hundreds of inhabitants and tourists gather in the heart of Kazimierz to sample, learn new recipes or just have a good time.
Why soup?
Dietitians value its nutritious merits, connoisseurs go for the unique tastes, and most importantly, ordinary eaters appreciate it! Thus, soup is the world?s most popular dish ? at least according to the organizers of the Festival. Probably the last trait was what motivated the ATTACAFA Association, whose aim is to promote the traditions and cultures of countries of the world, to organize the first Festival in 2001 in the French town of Wazemmes. Pleased and somewhat surprised by its success, ATTACAFA along with the KTO Theater from Krakow decided to move the event to Poland. From then on, Plac Nowy has played host to soup enthusiasts from around the world.
Taste and Tasters
As in preceding years, the jury of the Sixth International Soup Festival, chaired by connoisseurs Piotr Bikont and Robert Maklowicz (host of the popular TV series Robert Maklowicz?s  culinary journeys), will consist of Krakow?s artists, poets, restaurant owners and, last but not least, Mayor Jacek Majchrowski, under whose patronage the event will be held.
Last year, the first prize went to Moment Cafe for the Olive Soup with Mascarpone. It beat such recipes as the striptease soup ?Talullah? entered by the editors of the Internet services ?Cracow-life? and ?e-krakow?? (third prize), the tongue-twisting Polish  ?Żurek na żyntycy z zajeczym szczawiem? by Pensjonat Jolka from Bukowina Tatrzanska (jury?s honorable mention), and the Korean ?Kimu-Chi Jige? presented by the Edo Sushi Bar (second prize), praised by its makers as a remedy for hangover. This year, the jury?s task will be even harder.
Do it yourself
If you want to try your hand at cooking, there?s no better time than this. The competition is open for everyone who meets the rules of the Festival. These include preparing at least 10 liters of soup, presenting the recipe to the organizers (the KTO Theater) and being ready to serve it to those participating in the event. The deadline is May 19, and if you succeed, fame and prizes (the Gold, Silver and Bronze Patera) await.
Something for the stomach —
Something for the soul
The soup sampling, entertaining as it may be, does not exhaust the variety of attractions provided by the organizers. Among these are performances by the theaters KTO and Proscenium, Kuzyni Cabaret and bands like Que Passa (flamenco) or Beale Street Band (jazz).
The Sixth International Soup Festival will start at 16:00 and the jury?s verdict will be announced at 21:30.

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