Summer with Pies Gallery makes art with numbers

The Summer with Pies Gallery Project is launching an exhibit entitled, “The Bold and Beautiful,” at Artpol on Friday, July 27, at 20:00.The new project consists of the work from young artists such as Zielona Gora, Basia Banda and Seweryn Swacha. The exhibit is scheduled to run until August 8. The artists have collaborated to present a series of watercolor paintings of myriad famous artists and cultural icons, including rock stars, models and leaders of totalitarian countries.Basia Banda is known for her work illuminating sexual stereotypes, while Swacha’s paintings often refer to pop-culture and mass media.In “The Bold and the Beautiful,” they meld characteristic features of their individual artistic styles to create a project bursting with ironic commentary on the chaos of the mass media and class culture they believe surrounds us. The selection of models is extensive, ranging from Kurt Cobain, Wojciech Jaruzelski, Leon Wyczolkowski, Marcin Swietlicki to Jozef Pilsudzki and Cookie Monster.The paintings seem to be a kind of puzzle. It’s difficult to figure out who is who because as the paintings are only signed with numbers. The viewers solve the puzzle by using clues from the images, which contain features commonly associated with the famous figures ? Charles Bronson has a gun, Pilsudzki has his mustache, and Swietlicki is smoking a cigarette.Artpol is a group of young Academy of Fine Art students who are fulfilling Krakow’s need for ambitious exhibitions. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is their fourth collaborative project.Galeria Pies is a private gallery in Poznan managed by David Radziszewski. In the summer, he prepares a series of exhibitions at Krakow’s Artpol gallery. The project is called, “Summer with Pies Gallery.”Upcoming shows include exhibitions by Tomek Mroz and Magda Starska.
Basia Banda and Seweryn Swacha, “The Bold and the Beautiful” July 27 (20:00) ? August 8 Artpol, ul. Zacisze 14

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