Drop In: Le Grand Salon

“Prosze pani! Could you point me to Szeroka 38?” “A co to ma być?” “Salon… fryzjer!” “Ah! Taki nowy! Taki fajny!”

Yes, that’s exactly what it is – Le Grand Salon is both ‘nowy’ and ‘fajny,’ not to mention incredibly seductive.

Looking at Le Grand Salon’s website gives you a hint that this place is going to be different. Situated at a prime location, slap-bang on bustling ulica Szeroka in Kazimierz, the building has been exquisitely renovated and now accommodates the state-of-the-art in hairdressing technology and chic.

Even more impressive than the sheer glitter and luxury, however, is the attention to detail and the attention to you, the customer. This is the true secret of Le Grand Salon’s allure.

Mariusz, Ewa and Kasia will make you feel special without being obsequious. Indeed, all the staff are attentive while remaining unobtrusive. They seem to take a genuine interest in your hair and they even respect and take you seriously when you say: “I’m in a hurry and need to be out by 1 o’clock.”

It’s a wonderful feeling – a hair salon that seems to understand your wishes, regardless of how unreasonable your demands might be. It left me with a difficult choice to make.

I could either surrender, and let myself float off in a wonderland of luxury and pampering, or keep an eye on my watch and test their ability to give me what I wanted in the time I wanted it.

Should I opt for being the sweet, easy-going customer who goes along with the moment, or should I choose to be the bossy-boots-business woman on a mission? Not an easy choice.

Miraculous Mariusz managed to cater to both choices and, later, I understand how and why. Mariusz is passionate about his craft and has been to school to learn it – a very special school, or ‘akademia’ as it is known in fashion-speak.

All of Le Grand Salon’s staff have been trained by Tyler Johnston, who is best known for ‘doing’ the hair of glamour icons including Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cindy Crawford.

The equally glittering owner of Le Grand Salon, Beata Maria Wasiota, underlines that a good haircut is only the starting point. Good manners, fluid conversation and attention to detail are equally important, she says. The result is mind blowing. This is service as I remember it from the days when I lived in Paris. I left Le Grand Salon in a fabulous mood and with a spring in my step.

“In the heart of beautiful old Kazimierz we invite you for a few moments of pleasure,” says the advertising blurb, and I realized that the cynical old puritan side of me had been forgotten. I had been seduced and enjoyed a few moments of pure pleasure, coming away feeling like a new person.

With prices starting at just 23 euros for a styling session, it won’t be long before I’ll have to book many weeks in advance to be sure of meeting Miraculous Mariusz again.

Le Grand Salon
ul. Szeroka 38

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