Kubica’s Doctors Guardedly Optimistic About Hand

Robert Kubica is in a stable condition after being operated on for seven hours following a crash in the first stage of the Ronde di Andora Rally in Italy that left the Krakow native with serious injuries, including a severely crushed right hand. After the operation, doctors announced that they believed amputation would not be necessary. Kubica’s rehabilitation is expected to be lengthy, and whether or not he will recover full use of the hand remains an open question.

“There was a risk that Kubica would lose his hand, but we have been able to avoid that. The operation was very complicated. The doctors set his bones and reconnected the torn blood vessels, tendons and muscles. We will have to wait a few days before we make any decisions regarding future treatment and rehabilitation. There has been damage to the nerves, which raises the question of whether full function will return. The rehabilitation will be long; possibly as long as a year. Robert suffered extensive injuries. If necessary, there will be further operations,” said Dr. Igor Rossello leaving the operating theatre.

A total of seven doctors took part in the operation. In addition to the injuries to his hand, the Polish driver is reported to have multiple fractures of his right arm and leg.

Figures throughout the F1 community voiced their concern over Kubica’s injuries and their support for him, his team and his family. Kubica’s fellow Cracovian driver and friend, young rally racer Michał Kościuszko, expressed shock and outrage upon hearing reports that efforts to extract Kubica from his car took over an hour.

Kubica was in a potentially fatal accident in 2007 during the Canadian Grand Prix when his car smashed into a concrete barrier at 230 km/h (140 mph), then vaulted across the track into another, but he was unhurt thanks to the exceptional safety features of his F1 car. Sunday was Kubica’s first time racing the Skoda Fabia S2000 rally car, which he crashed through a road barrier into a church wall.

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