Winding road trip through forgotten regions of Europe

On Thursday, July 5, the newest exhibit of the year-long ?Transculture? project opened in Bunkier Sztuki. The exibition will run until September 2.
Anna Smolak and Magdalena Ujma are the officiating curators. ?Transculture? deals with problems such as changes in human personality during times of globalization, the mixing of cultures and the inevitable political consequences. By inviting artists who have experienced migration and who have had diverse life experiences, the curators managed to obtain an interesting juxtaposition of traditions in each of the previous exhibitions. Anna Smolak and Magdalena Ujma stress that the current situation of Poland is an essential focus of the project.
They say that due to its geo-political location, Poland is on the verge of radical changes and has already become an arena for multi-cultural co-existence.
In Bunkier Sztuki, the exposition Figure and Ground is currently running.
It presents two artists, Jasper Alvaer (born in Copenhagen, but now residing in Oslo and Prague) and Czech artist Isabela Grosseova. They have travelled through the countries surrounding Western Europe?to many the mythic center, Eldorado, the dream and the goal.
There they observed, among other things, how the different traditions are being mixed together and the effect of the flood of cheap products from China. Always eager to meet people they pass to find out how they live, they are interested in the forgotten regions of poverty.
The focal element of the Figure and Ground exhibition is groceries. While making their journey, the artists noticed the number of products and produce available for sale along the roadside and started collecting them.
These collections form the heart of there exposition, which is then supplemented by expert comments in the language of the country where they exhibit.
In this case, the experts will be the well known Polish connoisseurs Piotr Bikont, Robert MakLowicz and Lukasz Luczaj.
The experts present different points of view and bits of information about the food the artists have gathered.
More information about the ?Transculture? project can be found at Jasper Alvaer & Isabela Grosseova, Figure and Ground (July 5?September 2). Gallery of Contemporary Art Bunkier Sztuki, pl. Szczepanski 3a.

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