Love Life: Internet Love

Dear Dr. Ovlowska,

I met a lovely girl on Facebook, but there’s one problem: she lives in Krakow, and I don’t! She wants me to come visit her, but I’m afraid that if I do she’ll pressure me to stay. What should I do?

Internet Lover

Dear Internet Lover,

Facebook friends? Ah, the blessing and curse of modern life!

Here’s the blessing: do something you wouldn’t have done normally. Pack your bags, come to Krakow and enjoy a wild couple of days in one of Europe’s most charming cities.

The curse? It turns out that your Facebook friend is an unbearable old fog-horn who insists on introducing you to her parents, smells funny and wants to have sex with you in every doorway.

But hang on a minute, you say you are “afraid she will pressure you” – why would you allow fear to dictate what you do or do not do? I don’t think you really want to live a fear-based life, do you?

Instead, you tell yourself you are going to have the best time of your life, and take the necessary steps to do so. You are in control, my dear. Figure out if you can find one or two more Facebook friends in Krakow before you leave. That will be your emergency exit, if she turns out to be a serious pain in the neck.

Spend an afternoon studying all you can find about Krakow and Poland. If you don’t fall in love with the girl, you definitely will fall in love with the city.

This is your secret “Plan B”. You make your own sightseeing program so – if the worst comes to worst – you can always disappear in the bowels of the Wielicka salt mines or do a Crazy Trabant Tour of Nowa Huta to get away from the battle axe with bad breath.

The moral of the story is: no risk, no fun.

And Dr. Ovlowska begs you to have faith in life. Trust that all good things will come to you.

Countless people prefer to exist without love because they are too afraid to risk whatever comfort they have. Of course there is no cut-and-dry method on how to gain love, but one thing is sure, if you stay at home… nothing will happen at all.

Challengingly yours,
Dr. Ovlowska

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