Police patrol tourist destinations to enforce quarantine

A Polish police van (phot. Karol Szadkowski)
A Polish police van (phot. Karol Szadkowski)

Polish police have begun patrolling the entrances to popular tourist destinations which have been closed due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

For example, hiking routes in the Tatry mountains near Zakopane – which usually expects thousands of tourists this time of year – are currently closed in the interests of limiting the spread of the disease. Police have been stopping motorists at the entrance to the to the town to ask them why they are coming, count the number of people in the vehicle, and decide whether to admit them or turn them back.

People in violation of the order may be fined up to 500 PLN.

For those with family or property in places like Zakopane, worry not – the police will let you enter for these reasons.

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