Emergency room opened at new university hospital site

The emergency room (Polish: SOR) at the new location of the Jagiellonian University Hospital in Prokocim has officially opened at ul. Jakubowskiego 2.

Thus enters the final phase of a construction project which began over three years ago to expand, update, and relocate one of Krakow’s most key hospitals (previously centered on ul. Kopernika, closer to the city center), resulting in 13 buildings totalling 110,000 sqm of usable area. This makes it the largest and most modern hospital in Poland.

The hospital opened last autumn, and has recently moved patients from the departments of neurology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, stroke, and cardiology. Next will be urology, intensive care, otolaryngology, and additional cardiology patients, all in all totaling around 200. Hospital officials also said they were trying to send as many patients home as their conditions allowed in order to facilitate the undertaking.

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