Drop In: Cupcake Corner

I was hesitant to visit the Cupcake Corner bakery. The website looked too good to be true; I was expecting to be disappointed. When I arrived there, the cupcakes did, in fact, look exactly like the perfectly lit images shown on their website, but what about the taste? It was a difficult to choose from the wide variety but I finally decided on the Grasshopper, a chocolate and mint cupcake, because it looked interesting… and matched my outfit. I’m not a chocolate lover by any means, but when I tasted the perfectly moist, perfectly fluffy concoction I was in heaven. I had to talk to the man behind the name: Marcin Dutkiewicz, owner of the first cupcake bakery in Krakow.

Krakow Post: How did you come up with the idea to open up a cupcake shop?

Marcin Dutkiewicz: Actually, this was not my idea. I was working on launching a different business when a friend of mine reminded me about Julie‘s passion for cupcakes, huge experience in baking and desire to run her own bakery. Julie and I met and talked about our entrepreneurial and culinary passions and this is how it started. From the very beginning, besides offering great cupcakes and coffee, we wanted to create a place where our customers would experience great service and feel as if they were at home. After 4 months of extensive teamwork from eight individuals all over the world, we finally opened our doors on June the 10th.

KP: Cupcakes are loved all over the world; how have Cracovians reacted to them?

The Cracovians have both very discriminating tastes and high expectations, so we knew that there was no room for compromise. For some of the cupcakes, we tweaked the original recipes a bit in order to meet Polish tastes. It’s great fun every day to watch our customers react when they take their first-ever bites  from a cupcake – their eyes open wide and their faces beam. This is very rewarding and helps confirm that we are meeting our goals.

KP: I’ve visited the legendary Magnolia Bakery in NYC (made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City) so I know what a great cupcake is supposed to taste like.  With that said, I can honestly say that your cupcakes are delicious! Who does your baking?

Thank you. From the very beginning we have been excited to know that we will be offering authentic American cupcakes.  The secret comes from Julie – already called by some “The Cupcake Guru”. Julie is an amazing culinary artist holding over 15 years of experience baking cupcakes, and she comes from an American family with a storied baking history. The time-tested recipes used to create our cupcakes have been improved and perfected by Julie and her family. However, it‘s not just Julie‘s skills and experience but her passion and creativity to offer an ever-growing assortment of excellent products.  Julie is all about cupcakes and her creativity is endless; for every cupcake on our menu today, she has another idea of ones you’ll see in the future.

Also, speaking of Magnolia Bakery in NYC – in some small way we may become the Polish Magnolia as some scenes of the popular TV show Majka are being filmed in our store.  You can see the picture gallery on our website.

KP: Which is your favorite cupcake?

Ha ha! It changes every few days. Currently the gluten-free cashew brownie cupcake and of course the peanut butter cup one.

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