Want to protect Krakow hedgehogs? Leave some leaves

(phot. sstanzebla)
(phot. sstanzebla)


Think twice before you rake those leaves! A hedgehog may be sleeping underneath.

Local naturalists advise residents of Krakow (and elsewhere) that European hedgehogs like to use leaves, twigs, and thick grass as natural cover as a place to relax, hide from predators, or hibernate in the winter. Therefore, if you want to support hedgehog habitats in the city (as well as those of lizards and other small creatures), leave some naturally “untidy” spaces.

Along with being cute and harmless to humans, hedgehogs eat a variety of pests.

Along with encouraging residents to protect hedgehogs, the city of Krakow has also set up 24 designated safe spaces for them around the city where they limit grass cutting and leaf raking as well as provide small shelters in order to benefit the animals.

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