Over 2,400 stray cats living in Krakow: Estimate

Over 2,400 stray cats are living in Krakow, according to estimates from a survey carried out from mid-April to mid-July of this year.

The study, based on data from observations and residents, was conducted on behalf of the Krakow Environmental Management Department. It estimated 2,416 free-living cats, approximately 20% are thought to be spayed/neutered.

The purpose of the research is to create a heat map of the city’s stray cat population, so that officials may more efficiently focus their efforts to feed, house, sterilize, and medicate them. This year, the city has allocated 125,000 PLN for this purpose.

The district of Nowa Huta was found to have the most cats (410), while they seem to be scarce in the city center and Kazimierz.

For information on how to adopt a homeless cat, see our guide.

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