City wants to relocate a tree – but not all residents are happy

Trees in Park Krakowski, adjacent to Plac Inwalidów
Trees in Park Krakowski, adjacent to Plac Inwalidów

City officials have clashed with local activists over the fate of a tree near Plac Inwalidów located in a spot marked for renovation.

The city wants to uproot the tree and relocate it in favor of a concrete ramp connecting Plac Inwalidów and the nearby Park Krakowski. Although the construction is still in the planning phase, officials emphasize that the successful replanting of a large tree requires a significant amount of time and care.

Some supporters of the tree are satisfied that it will not simply be cut down. However, others, like local resident and councilor Marcin Gryga, say that the construction – which should begin in about a year – should be designed around the natural environment rather than supplant it.

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