‘Open Krakow’ offers information, Polish lessons to foreigners

The Open Krakow program, designed to help foreigners living in the area to integrate as well as to encourage multiculturalism, will begin offering Polish language classes in the autumn. The lessons, run in cooperation with the Polish-Ukrainian cooperation NGO U-Work, will be available initially for 30 local migrants this year aged 15-29.

The organization is also offering an information point at ul. Batorego 2, with an accompanying hotline and email for foreigners to get answers to questions: 12 312 06 46 / info@migrant.krakow.pl.

Another part of the program is a multicultural festival, for which the city is accepting proposals from interested NGOs.

About 40,000 foreigners have residency permits in the Lesser Poland region, over half of whom are Ukrainian. Perhaps double that number are currently living here on visas without yet gaining permits for a longer stay.

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