“Happy dogs” march through Krakow streets

A previous edition of the parade (phot. KTOZ Schronisko dla Bezdomnych Zwierząt w Krakowie)

A parade of “happy dogs” marched through Krakow to raise awareness of homeless animals and the possibility of adopting them, the 9th annual March for Asylum (IX Marsz Azylanta).

People marched with their pets from the Debnicki Bridge to the statue of Dżok — a Krakow dog who famously waited for his owner years after the human’s death – near Wawel Royal Castle. There, they chose a king and queen and has toys and photoshoot opportunities with props for participants.

The event was organized by Krakow’s animal shelter, KTOZ Schronisko dla Bezdomnych Zwierząt w Krakowie, which concurrently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

You can read our guide to adopting a shelter pet in Krakow here.

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