A New Exhibition for Auschwitz

Recently, the Auschwitz Museum survived the theft of the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign followed by flooding that threatened its permanent exhibitions. After those tragedies, a bit of good news is a welcome event.

In three years, a new permanent exhibition will open that will replace the 25-year-old exhibition titled “The Struggle and Martyrdom of the Polish Nation in the Years 1939-1945”, located in block 15 in the former Auschwitz I camp. The exhibition will focus on presenting the history of the Polish victims of the camp, and talk about its history from a local perspective. It will also address the war-time residents of the town of Oświęcim, where the camp was built, and the support they gave the inhabitants prisoners. The director of the new exhibition is a historian and long-time curator of the museum, Mirosław Obstarczyk.

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