My Life: Aleksander Wityński

This eerie ear belongs to none other than Aleksander Wityński, co-owner of cult Krakow hangouts Alchemia and Bunkier Cafe. Besides being a jazz legend, Mr. Wityński is a keen practitioner of the butterfly-stroke, and he can manage a mighty 50 metres in the aforementioned style. He has now boldly gone where no impresario has gone before, launching the Fabryka Club in the former Miraculum Factory in Zabłocie. This new venture is designed to be a platform for art, music and theatre. The art of beer-drinking will also be explored.

Krakow Post: If you could live anywhere in Krakow, where would it be, and why?

Aleksander Wityński: I like places like Versailles or Buckingham Palace, but for myself I’d prefer something simple, ordinary, not very exclusive, like Wawel Castle.

KP: If you were crowned king of Krakow, what would be your first move?

AW: At first I’ll closed every pub, bar and club in Krakow except three of the most blowout places. Guess which ones…

KP: What’s one place tourists can’t miss when in Krakow?

AW: I’d recommend the swimming pool on Kolna Street.

KP: Is there anything that’s overrated about Krakow?

AW: Yes, Alchemia Club.

KP: If you had to erect a statue to any Cracovian, dead or alive, who would it be?

AW: Jacek Żakowski of course. My business partner and co-conspirator.

KP: What are some of your regular eating and drinking haunts in the city?

AW: As I’m a very modest and shy person, only occasionally can you meet me in Alchemia, Bunkier Café or Fabryka Club.

KP: What’s your biggest annoyance about living in Krakow?

AW: The noise and hubbub on Plac Nowy.

KP: Where do you go to escape for the weekend?

AW: My favourite place for weekends is Kryspinów.

KP: What’s the best place to enjoy the sun in Krakow?

AW: In the balloon.

KP: Finally: pierogi or nalesniki?

AW: I love pierogi and naleśniki, but recently I have developed an appetite for Karolina.

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