Krakow Flood Update

As of 5 pm today, the level of the Wisła River in Krakow is 943 cm, which is over four metres higher than the emergency level. However, experts do not expect the river to breach the embankments.

According to the Małopolska Provincial Office in Krakow, municipal departments are prepared in the event of any further evacuations. The Dębicki Bridge remains closed to traffic, with buses detouring through the Grunwaldska Street roundabout down Monte Cassino and Zielińskiego streets, and onto the Zwierzyniecki Bridge into the Salwator area. Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street is likely to be closed shortly.

1,000 tonnes of sandbags have been utilised in Krakow already to provide flood protection, with a further 300 tonnes to be delivered tonight.

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