Pole Wins World Record For Longest Piano Recital

Romuald Koperski’s sonic odyssey lasted a staggering 103 hours and 8 seconds. The proud pianist was presented with his certificate on 9 April. He is now thinking of another target to smash.

The rules of the challenge dictated that the repertoire must solely comprise of “well-known songs” from the worlds of classical music, film, musicals, jazz, and other popular genres. Improvisation was strictly forbidden.

Koperski was allowed a five minute break every hour. After tinkling his way through a fair few numbers, he rounded things off with a rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon.” Shortly afterwards he flew into a very deep sleep.

Mr. Koperski is no stranger to extreme challenges. He is a noted rally-driver and explorer, and he once traversed Siberia alone in a rubber dinghy.

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