Crowds wait for ice cream on Starowislna

Where can one find the best ice cream in Krakow? While Krakow residents may have differing opinions, ul. Starowislna is an obvious candidate.
A crowd is always willing to wait in a 30-minute or longer queue during 40-degree heat to get a few scoops of this little shop?s ice cream.
 ?The best ice cream is on Starowislna!? ? this statement repeats like a mantra on local Internet forums on ice cream.
?The traditional ice cream with dried fruits and nuts? is really tasty but other flavors have their passionate supporters, too: ?I adore ice cream from Starowislna: Blueberry, Wild Strawberry and Coffee — these flavors are, in my opinion, the best!? writes one of the forum users. There is no doubt that a couple of years ago ice cream from Starowislna was excellent — really creamy, thick and only made from the best natural ingredients. It was so good that the queues of people waiting for their scoop of a coffee-/vanilla-flavored ice cream were, and still are, at least a few dozen meters long. Today the flavor is much worse.
?The ice cream melts quickly and seems to be much too hyped up.? It?s tasty, of course, but ?it?s no longer the best as it used to be 10 years ago.?
Then there?s the very act of waiting in a long queue; the positive willingness to wait is deeply rooted in our consciousness as related to waiting for something unusual or much dreamed of. Otherwise, standing in a queue can have various effects — it integrates, irritates and heats people up. Ice cream lovers and regulars also get to know new faces and have the opportunity to exchange opinions on practically any subject, especially ones related to ice cream.
Queues attract the interest of other people, too. Most passersby are probably going to join to find out what the whole fuss is about.
One ice cream forum user writes: ?If there are so many people waiting in that line, I guess that this ice cream must be really good? I often pass Starowislna, but these horribly long queues have always put me off, but maybe I should join it one day??

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