Lukashenko Declared Persona Non Grata in Krakow

On 3 March, the Krakow city council passed a resolution declaring Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko a persona non grata, or “an unwelcome person”, as a result of his human rights record.

The move follows an ongoing dispute between the Belarusian government and the Polish minority in Belarus. A statement from the council reads, “The city council of Krakow as a sign of solidarity with our fellow nationals in Belarus declares Alexander Lukashenko persona non grata in Krakow until violations of democratic and European standards end”.

The resolution is seen as a gesture of solidarity with the Polish minority in Belarus, and was initiated by deputy Dariusz Olszówki. The council has applealed to the European Parliament to protect the rights of Poles in Belarus. The resolution also calls for sanctions against Minsk, though no such measures have been passed yet.

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