Krakow to Host Agile Central Europe Conference

The organizer of the 2010 Agile Central Europe conference sees it as a chance to let Krakow shine as the place to be from 2010 onward. The conference, focused on the rapid and flexible development of tech tools and software for companies, will be in Krakow on 8 and 9 April. It will seek to gather programmers and developers in the region to discuss innovations. Speakers will be from Germany, France, the United States and Poland.

Paul Klipp, owner of Wawel Hill, the consulting firm organizing the conference, said he hopes the meetings will put a prime spotlight on the city as a “centre of excellence” for technical innovation and processes. “We wanted to do something that would showcase what Krakow is capable of,” Klipp said.

Specifically, Klipp wants businesses looking to outsource to look to Poland and Krakow as a place with a highly trained and experienced workforce with a Western perspective that can get the job done quickly and on time.

To register, sponsor or for more information about the conference, sponsored by Rally Software, Wawel Hill, Lunar Logic Polska, Tiny PM and Scrum’d, go to

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