Krakow’s top five loveliest cafés with gardens

Just imagine yourself exploring the cozy sunny Krakow. The tiny streets of Kazimierz, the wide Rynek square. People around you are taking pictures, smiling, waving to the trumpeter on the highest tower of Saint Mary’s Basilica. Street musicians; white carriages; galloping hooves create a special atmosphere. You move forward until you reach the Planty, this green oasis surrounding the Old City. Do you feel a bit tired, my dear reader? Let me take you to my top five cafés with gardens in Krakow…

1. Magia

(phot. Magia)
(phot. Magia)

(plac Mariacki 3)

This is my number one. When I don’t know where to go, most probably this place will win. They’re open from 9 am till 1:30 am, so almost anytime you need some Magic, it’s there for you. The place is situated near the Main Square, just in front of Saint Mary’s Basilica. The entrance is not that noticeable, but still there is a small sign “Magia” that guides you. There are a few tables at the entrance of the arch, but don’t stop there. Go inside, until you reach the café itself, turn left, and here it is.

A beautiful garden, almost like in the fairy tales. It’s green, small, and cozy. A bit vintage with some old stuff from granny’s house. Even if outside it’s hot, here you can take cover in shadow listening to the small fountain and quiet music.

My favorite things to order: Coconut latte and toasts with salami and oscypek.

2. Metrum

(author photo)
(author photo)

(Świętego Tomasza 43)

Well, I would say it’s my favorite place for visiting but not eating. Let me tell this in order. The spot is located on the roof of the Krakow Music Academy, which is in the Old Town. You go inside the Academy, continuing up to the last floor, and you find yourself in what looks like a student eatery (which is actually true), but a pretty one. Ask the way to the outside terrace and go there. You take a step and see the incredible view on the downtown, all the roofs of old buildings and of course the towers of Saint Mary’s Basilica in the sunbeams. Definitely, it’s the best view in the city.
Talking about the eating part, there is self-service. Once I tried a salad with salmon, but it was… not a delicious one. Anyway, it’s up to you. I prefer to take just a tea, coffee, or juice and enjoy the view.

3. Radocha

(phot. Radocha)
(phot. Radocha)

(Świętego Sebastiana 6)

Hidden away between the Old Town and the Jewish quarter, this place has to be on my list. Not only because they are literally my neighbors but because there is a really great garden just in front of the entrance. It’s a shady area with hammocks and cozy chairs. A lovely range of beers and homemade pierogi for reasonable prices will make your visit even more pleasant. The staff is English-speaking and so friendly.
I do like the fact that this place is not surrounded by other restaurants/cafes – it feels more private and unique. If you don’t now about the place, you don’t even expect it to be here.

4. Krakowski Zakąski

(phot. Krakowski Zakąski)
(phot. Krakowski Zakąski)

(Sławkowska 16)

If you are in the mood to have a glass of whiskey, then follow me here. It’s situated in the Old Town, but don’t worry, the hundreds of tourists won’t bother us here. How is it possible? Well, this place is not that easy to find. For sure, it’s better to use a map or take a friend who knows this place. There is a ‘hidden garden’ inside. Spacious area, sun loungers, flowers… what else do you need for a great time?

And about the whiskey… I mean it. They have a great choice of different kinds for a good price. The pub is open till 3 am. I would recommend this place to everyone who wants to have a drink in a cozy garden, but those hungry ones should look for something else.

5. Ogród na Dachu Kazimierza

(author photo)
(author photo)

(Beera Meiselsa 17)

Last but not least. Honestly, one of the best spots in Kazimierz. If I didn’t know the place, I would never guess that this entrance could lead to such an amazing café. Just near Plac Nowy, where there is usually noise, plenty of tourists, and long lines for ice-cream and zapiekanka stands an old building. It’s a center of Jewish culture, but not only.

On the right side of the entrance there is a huge sign: “Restaurant. Ogród na dachu Kazimierza. Open hours: from 10 am.” And you think, “Well, it must be an old boring restaurant with too-high prices” and are already taking a step to look for another place. But wait – just go inside. Here you will find a small but beautifully old-school decorated area of this restaurant. Turn right and go upstairs. At some point you may think: “Where am I? Is it allowed to go here?” Just don’t stop until you reach the top floor. There you find a small, pretty terrace. Nobody is here, even waiters don’t serve to the patio (just grab a drink downstairs and go back here or call down to the bar with the phone by the door). So silent and beautiful. Think about nothing and just enjoy this beautiful day.

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