What to do this week in Krakow: 16 April 2018

The 2017 film New Voices in an Old Flower (dir. Quino Piñero) will be screened at the 13th AfryKamera festival
The 2017 film New Voices in an Old Flower (dir. Quino Piñero) will be screened at the 13th AfryKamera festival


A new exhibition in the National Museum will open on April 20th. Sytuacja się zmieniła is a collection of 100 pieces of 20th century art, carefully selected by the curators in order to frame Polish modern works in a new, unconventional context.

The sixth edition of Slow Art Day will take place on April 21st. The rules: at 12:00 participating museums show their visitors five exhibits, and the visitors are encouraged to contemplate them slowly and mindfully for an hour. After that everybody is invited to take part in a discussion about the works and to share observations.

Participating museums:

  • Ethnographic Museum in Krakow
    Museum of Municipal Engineering
    Polish Aviation Museum
    National Museum
    Museum of Contemporary Art
    Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology
    Galicia Jewish Museum

On the stage

This week’s full of free concerts, lectures, and master classes of contemporary classical music during the 30th International Festival of Krakow Composers. The final concert for traditional Korean instruments such as gayageum and haegeum, including Korean traditional vocal p’ansori and electronics will take place on April 22nd in the Manggha Museum at 19:00.

Klub Zaścianek will host the semifinals of Emergenza Festival Polska, a festival for young bands without record contracts. Fourteen concerts in two days (21st and 22nd), mainly rock and metal .


Instituto Italiano di Cultura will be screening Le leggi del desiderio on April 18th at 19:00.

On the same day Kino Latino will present another movie for Spanish speaking viewers in Krakowskie Forum Kultury at 19:00.

The 13th edition of AfryKamera festival will take place on April 13th – 22nd in Kino Pod Baranami. The program under the slogan #BlackFilmsMatter includes 13 feature movies and documentaries, and a short films section Secrets of Lusophonia.

Charlie Chaplin’s classic City Lights will be screened in Klub Buda along with live soundtrack by the band Duch. The film starts on April 18th at 20:00.


An annual event promoting contemporary art in Krakow, The Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS, falls on April 20th – 22nd. Over 40 galleries will open their exhibitions prepared exclusively for the festival. The program includes several accompanying events such as guided tours , meet-ups with authors, panel discussions, concerts, workshops, and performances.

During the Arabian Days several interesting events will be held in Krakow:

  • Cafe Szafe will host Urszula Stosio, Marcin Pokorski, and Kaveh Aminzadeh, who will play Arabic and Persian melodies in electro and traditional arrangements. The concert starts at 20:00 on April 21st.
  • Chór w Kontakcie under the Syrian musician and composer Wassim Ibrahim will give a concert of traditional, classic, and pop music pieces from different parts of the world. The artists will sing in Arabic and Aramaic on April 22nd at 18:00 in Aula Tischnera (ul. Gołębia 13)
  • Middle Eastern board games in Bonobo on April 22nd at 18:00. The library and Middle Eastern Study Circle everyone who wants to learn how to play mancala, backgammon and alquerque.

Food Trucks on Plac Ibramowski will have a two-day feast. Additionally, on April 21st there will be a dance party starting at 20:00, and on 22nd – outdoor cinema with Seksmisja, a 1984 Polish cult science fiction comedy with English subtitles, same hour, same place!

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